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      Tianjin Baolai Precision Machinery Industry Group Corp.
      Tianjin Jinlai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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      Tianjin Chentao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      Tianjin Baolai Industrial Robotic Application Technology Research Co.,Ltd.

      Baolai (Xuzhou) Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

          Founded in 1989, Tianjin Baolai Precision Machinery Industry Group Corp. is a group corporation situated in Niujiapai industrial functional zone of Baodi district in Tianjin. Through 20 years’ development, totally six companies have been formed with Baolai Precision Machinery as the core, with total registered capital of 50 million RMB, equipment asset of 300 million RMB and annual revenue of 500 million RMB, covering total area of 150 mu. As a new and high-tech enterprise in high-end equipment manufacturing industry, this company is capable of independently designing, R&D and manufacturing of automated high-precision special equipment and manufacturing a variety of high-end precision mechanical parts and components.  


      Tianjin Chentao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      Tianjin Jinlai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      Baolai (Xuzhou)Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

      Tianjin Baolai Industrial Robotic Application Technology Research Co.,Ltd.

      Baolai (U.S.)Co.,Ltd.


      二、 Business Fields & Products

          Traditional products of the company include precision mechanical parts and components for construction machinery, refrigeration compressor, automobile, wind and thermal power, speed reducer and water pump and sewing machine, etc. By virtue of production experience accumulation and technological innovation over many years, the automated high-precision special equipment independently designed, developed and manufactured on its own have been put into production. In order to facilitate the industry upgrading, the company have been involved in the field of industrial robots as well to focus on the localization of key robotic components and the application of non-standard robots to the manufacturing industry, which constitutes new source of profit growth for the future development.

      Since 2009, the company has attached great importance to its technological development and innovation to the extent that it has accumulatively applied for 369 patents including 184 patents for invention. 

      三、Customer Distribution

          Over 20 years’ development, this company has sold its products to different regions and established long-term cooperative partnership with many Fortune 500 multinational companies. With quality and reliable product quality and service and relying on the long-term and stable cooperation with domestic enterprises, it has formed partnership with multiple companies from U.S., France and Germany, etc. This Group founded Baolai (U.S.) Co.,Ltd. in Illinois in 2013 aiming to provide more efficient service for customers. 

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