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Operation Philosophy: Innovation and development have always been the development principle Baolai Group sticks to. Integrity, responsibility, excellence and teamwork are our code of conduct as the basis of our business activities with customers.

Development Plan: Through over 20 years’ experience of ups and downs and the triumph over countless technical problems, Baolai Group has developed from the finish machining of single product for industrial sewing machines to the current diversity of finish machined products as core components in wind power, hydraulic energy, mining machinery and automobile engines, etc. In this sense, an upward path has been gradually paved, with talent development as its core, technical innovation as its basis and advanced automation equipment and informatization data management as its reliance.

Social Responsibility: With an aim to truly realize the goal of enterprise development and survival, i.e. win-win of enterprise and employees, Baolai Group is fulfilling its role of social responsibility and contributing to social stability and harmonious development.