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Founded in 1996 and with registered capital of 4 million RMB, Tianjin Chentao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of sewing machine parts, reaching annual turnover of 30 million RMB. The process flow can be concisely concluded as blank- machining of semi-finished products-heat treatment- finish machining- inspection of finished products-acceptance and warehousing with the ultimate objective of supplying qualified sewing machine parts for customers. Chentao Company has Pegasus as its main customer and follows advanced process. The feed dog assembly produced by this company is in leading position in domestic market and of first-grade quality, ranking on the top level in the international market, with the biggest production volume in North China and highest market share. Chentao Company is a specialized manufacturer of special parts for sewing machine.A number of new products developed during recent years have won the trust of its customer Pegasus, especially precision irregular part of feed dog for sewing machine due to its advantages on quality and price. Thus, it was awarded with “quality qualification”certificate and became the only domestic supplier of Pegasus. The feed dogs produced by this company completely replaced the imported ones. Currently, it is highly innovative in the production field of precision irregular parts for sewing machine and contains high technical content and strong competitiveness in domestic market. Until now, 70% of the precision irregular parts of feed dog for sewing machine used in domestic market are from Chentao company, which have won considerable economical benefits for the company and led the taxation records to rank among the first in Baodi district. Mr Cui Yachen, owner of the company, was awarded as advanced worker of social survey of 1997, advanced worker of quality system of 1999, municipal model worker of 2001 and national excellent entrepreneur of 2002. As the legal representative of the company, Mr Cui has been following integrity management without any adverse records.