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He Shushan visited enterprises in Baodi District and held on-site promotion meeting on speeding up equipment upgrading through financial leasing for enterprises

Date of Publish:2016-4-7 8:19:23 Author:Repost   Source:Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Committee


On March 30th, led by Mr He Shushan, deputy mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government, and Mr Zhou Jian, deputy secretary general of Tianjin Municipal Government, responsible officers from Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Committee, Tianjin Commerce Committee, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, Financial Bureau, SASAC, State Oceanic Administration, Bureau of Small and Medium enterprises and China Banking Regulatory Commission and related officers from various districts and counties and industrial groups paid an in-depth visit to enterprises in Baodi district for research and studies and gave instructions to push forward the work. 

Accompanied by pertinent responsible officers, Mr He Shushan, the deputy major, together with the whole delegation conducted a field visit to Tianjin Baolai Precision Machinery Industry Group and SunCan Energy Conservation Photothermal Technology Co.,Ltd. to inspect the status of production operation and of equipment financial leasing and held an on-site meeting of speeding up equipment upgrading through financial leasing among enterprises. Mr He emphasized to make good use of favorable policies through this promotion activity to realize transformation and upgrading and thus enhance competitiveness as soon as possible, especially small and medium enterprises.


On the on-site promotion meeting, Mr Li Chaoxing, the meeting host and director of the Tianjin municipal industry and information technology committee, pointed out that we should listen to the experiences, lessons and harvests shared by enterprises, financial leasing companies and district and counties authorities before push and implement the working instructions made by Mr Huang Xingguo, secretary of the municipal committee of CPC, on supporting enterprises to accelerate the equipment upgrading by means of financial leasing. This meeting is mainly purposed to providing information, lending reference and imposing moderate pressure. On the meeting, Tianjin Baolai Precision Machinery Industry Group and CITIC Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd. made a report and summary of their experiences on behalf of all the enterprises and financial leasing companies respectively. Mr Li Jiancheng, the Head of Baodi District, reported three prioritized tasks Baolai district was facing: firstly, get the policies to be well spread and implemented; secondly, strength the supporting initiatives to add 2 more percentage to the preferential policies of the municipal government; thirdly, intensify the supply-and-demand bridging and expedite the extension to traditional industries to alleviate the burden and increase the effectiveness for more enterprises. 

Mr He summarized and expressed his affirmation on two enterprises they had visited and spoke highly of the speeches given by representatives in the hope that everyone can carefully draw the experiences of Baodi District and its two enterprises. In addition, Mr He indicated the following points:

Mr He summarized and expressed his affirmation on two enterprises they had visited and spoke highly of the speeches given by representatives in the hope that everyone can carefully draw the experiences of Baodi District and its two enterprises. In addition, Mr He indicated the following points: 

All the sides shall fully recognize that it is of great significance to speed up the equipment upgrading through financial leasing, as an important measure to promote the preferential policies from the government and reduce the economical cost of entities, a vital means to fulfill the interactive development of science & technology, industries and finance as well as a crucial initiative to build an upgraded version of “little giant”of science and technology.


Since the municipal government’s supportive actions for enterprises to speed up their equipment upgrading through financial leasing were carried out, the supportive policy system has been initially established, the demand of enterprises has been basically grasped and smooth progress has been made on the application of first group of projects, on the operation of collaborative platform and on the bridging with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC. Until now, remarkable effects and a good start has been yielded on this work. 

       While affirming the achievements, Mr He also pointed out that all the sides shall proceed to unify the thoughts, continue to reinforce the work and firmly promote various kinds of work to be carried out in an all-around way. The development of this project can be facilitated from five perspectives, i.e. intensifying the organizational promotion, doing well on project reserve, actively launching the bridging of enterprises and finance and accelerating the construction of two project-related platforms and further strengthen the propaganda and promotion.


At last, Mr He stated that this year was the beginning year of the “13th five-year plan”. The municipal government had set high expectation on the project of supporting enterprises to boost the industry transformation and upgrading through financial leasing. Therefore, all the government authorities and districts and counties shall take feasible and effective measures to steadily push forward all kinds of work to be profoundly implemented and thus ensure around 1000 enterprises to complete technology and equipment transformation within 2 years, drive the investment target of over 600 million and contribute efforts to quicken the industrial structure adjustment and transformation upgrading of our city.