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      Develop into Pilot and Demonstration of Global Energy Networking

      Date of Publish:2016-4-7 8:48:03 Author:Repost   Source:Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Committee



      “The conception of global energy networking is highly consistent with the strategy of‘one belt, one road’, which will form strong support for ‘one belt, one road’ in terms of interconnection and interworking, energy security and economic and trade exchange and so on.” Mr Li Chaoxing, as a member of NPC and the director of Tianjin Industry and Information Technology Committee, suggested to approve the +800 Mongolia-Tianjin extra-high voltage DC project as soon as possible and build up a promotion and demonstration project of global energy networking concept, a demonstration project of equipment R&D, manufacturing and export based on global energy networking as well as a demonstration project of multi-level clean energy absorption in Tianjin.  


      “China’s advocate of constructing global energy networking and meeting global power demand in a clean and green way is a historical transcendence and significant innovation against traditional energy development concept.” Mr Li Chaoxing said, global energy networking can be concisely interpreted as ultra-high voltage grid+ubiquitous smart grid+clean energy so as to fulfill five major functions of energy transmission, resource allocation, market transaction and industry drive and public service, thus becoming a global energy distribution platform of wide service range, strong allocation capability, high security liability and green and low carbon. He also suggested, in addition to making good top-level design, we should further accelerate the construction of domestic energy networking for sufficient accumulation of practice, include the development of ultra-high voltage into the energy and power planning of the“13th five-year plan”of China, further strengthen the construction force on a nationwide scale to speed up the interconnection and networking of energy and optimize the allocation,and making overall plans for grid development on different levels, especially unified deployment on the construction of smart grid. Moreover, studies on related policies of electric energy replacement shall be carried out and supporting policies in terms of environmental protection, subsidies and pricing be released. The application of electric boiler, electric heating and port electricity, etc. shall be promoted in various cities and regions in terms of end-use energy consumption field in order to reduce the dependence on petrochemical energy. 

        Li Chaoxing said, +800 Mongolia-Tianjin extra-high voltage DC project in planning covers total length of 1220 km and transmission capacity of 8 million kilowatt, transmitting power from Mongolia to Tianjin by means of dedicated mine fields, factories and lines, as first-phase project of interconnection and networking grid between China and Mongolia, a significant project of constructing global energy networking and a key project to realize the networking within Asia. It is suggested that related national authorities shall include this project into the “13th five-year plan” to expedite the approval for its implementation and promote this national strategy to be in place.